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IMPORTANT: Burn the Ships Business Bootcamps are for growth minded businesses owners only.  During our 1 ½ day bootcamp in Dallas, you will learn directly from Judge and Matt.  We don’t have guest speakers or any selling from the stage, this event is about you.  You will leave energized and ready to take action on everything you learned.  We are happy to have you in our eco system of business.
January 30th & 31st
Only 25 Spots Available
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It started over one of our favorite activities, smoking cigars. Judge and I fired up the Davidoff “pigs” at our local cigar shop and started talking business, (our second favorite activity), and we came to the same conclusion within minutes. We were sick and tired of fake gurus on social media telling everyone to become an entrepreneur to find their freedom. We have built and sold 9-figure companies and lived the “entrepreneur” life. It was hard as hell. It was worth it, but it was hard. Freedom took a long time for us to find after countless hours away from our families, and struggling to scale revenues and profits. We started at the bottom and have finished close to the top. We both shared the opinion that 99% of business gurus on social media are full of shit. They have not made their money building real businesses. We have.

It became clear to us, entrepreneurs need a roadmap. Through the Davidoff aroma, we started to outline the step by step process of how we built our companies. We ended up with a fully outlined proven roadmap that produced our own business success that could be shared with entrepreneurs everywhere in every business.

We just didn’t know what to do with our outline, so we fired up another cigar and built out a business. We called it Burn The Ships and we loved the sound of it and committed to partner on it. 

Our first event was (and still is) our Burn The Ships Business Bootcamp. A 1 ½ day event in our hometown of Dallas, TX, in which 25 likeminded business owners come to us and get schooled, by us, on how we did it. How we built real businesses that centered on company culture and core values and competitive analysis and profits and speed. Our first event sold out in 2 weeks and continue to this day to be amazing events that are changing the lives of our attendees.

Our content helps entrepreneurs become CEO’s, and CEO’s to get liquid. We teach the language of business in a way that only we can do it. Tough, frank, honest, passionate and proven.
"Burn the Ships"
Bill Gates had it wrong when he said, “Most people over estimate what they can do in 12 months and under estimate what they can do in 10 years.” We think it is the exact opposite. We think you UNDERESTIMATE what you can do in 12 MONTHS and OVERESTIMATE what you can do in 10 years.”

Why? Because 99% of business owners don’t have a clear roadmap for the next 12 months. They are confused. They focus on everything instead of focusing on only what really matters. When you lock down your key metrics and action steps in the short term, the long term goals automatically happen.

At Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp, we force you to build out your 12 month roadmap.

Your next 12 months will determine your success or failure. That is what we do at Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp. We create, review and hold you accountable to the actions that maximize your focus for the next 12 months.
Spots Available ONLY
This is an exclusive, high level event.
Money Back Guarantee
Don't worry. We've never been asked for a refund.
Custom Tailored Action Items
That will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.
Tested, Real-World Content
With ZERO guest speakers selling from the stage.
Stop Bullshitting Yourself
We get what you're going through…
We were you. Judge and I were on the hamster wheel too. Our businesses forced us to have sleepless nights, to miss date nights with our wives and our children’s plays and games. We were caught in the current of the urgent everyday. Not for days or weeks, but for years. Our entrepreneurial dreams were more like a day after day nightmare.

Until we reached a breaking point. We couldn’t see ourselves living like this anymore. We couldn’t let our jacked up business steal another day of happiness from ourselves and our families. So we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps, tapped into our courage and did the unthinkable, we “burned the ships.” 

We burned our companies to the ground and rebuilt them the way they should have been built in the first place.

This single decision, to burn the ships, changed our lives forever.
In 4 simple steps, here is how we did it...
  • We focused on the short term and stopped dreaming about the long term. We built out radical short term goals, and one by one we attacked and conquered them daily.
  • We opened up lines of communication with EVERYONE within our companies on a daily basis. The side bar conversations, the shit talking employees were weeded out, and everyone became laser focused on our daily objectives and goals.
  • We were relentless in living, breathing and managing to our core values. Every activity centered around our core values and our company cultures become real…FAST!
  • ​We became 100% customer centric. Our clients finally understood how doing business with us benefited them. Our relentless focus on the needs and benefits to our clients allowed our teams to get laser focused on delivering value each and every day. Our client retention went through the roof and so did our revenues and profits.
​The end results were incredible. For Matt, his company went from $36 million to $100 million in just 18 months. For Judge, he enjoyed an 8 figure exit, followed by a 9 figure exit.

The same results are possible for you. It’s time to pull the trigger and sign up for Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp.
It's Time to Remove Your Plan B
In business, the term “Burn the Ships” means different things to different people. For some it means, burn your business to the ground and rebuild it. Judge and Matt know that feeling, because both have had to start over...from scratch. But to us, “burn the ships” means, remove your plan B. No more starting and stopping. It’s time to get your business to the next level…NOW!

The reality is that you have been playing too safe and too small. Your business is, sorry to say, too small. Your revenue needs to grow, so do your profits, and so does your impact. The impact you can have on your client’s families, your employee’s families and of course your own family. All of them deserve more from your business. They, and you, have had the pain side of your small business, and are all waiting for the pleasure side that you promised them. You thought a great business would happen over time, or through motivation or through positive thinking. We believe that all of these are important, but the guarantee of a successful business does not lie within any of them. The guarantee of a successful business lies within the roadmap. That is what you are missing. A crystal-clear roadmap to success in your business and eventually your life. That is what “burn the ships” is about. It is about helping you create your own roadmap to building an 8-9 figure business that enjoys tremendous profits, operates with minimal chaos, provides the freedom to be away from it, and can be sold at any time. That is the roadmap that Judge, and Matt have built for themselves, and are now teaching you.

You may have a good business; we think it can be better. You may have success, but we think you can more of it. You may have some freedom, but we know you can have more of it. It’s time to go to the next level. It’s time to “burn the ships”.

Don’t believe the hype on social media. Your roadmap to success doesn’t require more #grind or more #hustle, much simpler than that. It requires you to focus on your next 12 months. If you follow our plan, the next 12 months will be the most impactful of your career.

Let us show you what is all about…
“This is one of the best bootcamps I have ever been to. Definitely, this is going to 10x our business.”
“This was real content that you take home and have an actual strategy of what changes you need to make. Absolutely amazing event.”
“You can immediately deploy the content they gave us today to any business and start seeing results in a short amount of time.”
“There's nothing out there like this right now. They gave us real life content and not just theoretical content that sounds good and might work.”
  • Our Bootcamps are taught in person by Judge Graham and Matt Manero
  • ​You will gain access to 20+ likeminded business owners who want more
  • ​You will leave our event with your 12-month One Page Burn the Ships Business Plan that aligns everyone within your company to common goals
  • ​Your company culture will explode to new levels
  • ​We open up the secrets to all great companies - GREAT COMPANY CULTURE
  • Everything in your business will scale - FAST
  • ​Finally find out your leadership superpower via our unique format
  • ​Avoid the 7 deadly habits that kill millions of businesses each year
  • ​Create a growth culture that aligns everyone in the same direction
  • ​Transform your business into a customer centric machine
  • ​Follow our proven communication program that aligns everyone - daily
  • ​Build a sellable business (even if you don’t want to sell)
  • Develop a blueprint for hiring GREAT people
  • ​See growth problems before they happen
  • ​Gain insight into the actual valuation of what your business is worth
  • ​Understand who might be a potential buyer of your business
  • ​Learn the steps required to create a liquidity event
  • ​Have the opportunity for Judge and Matt to become part of your board of advisors
Incredible and Powerful Moments from our FIRst Bootcamp that you must see
Darren Had to interrupt
because He was so moved
You know you are at an amazingly powerful and life changing event when people are willing to share their lightbulb moments and even their pain. Judge and Matt want to thank both Darren and DJ for opening up and hitting us all hard with their deep comments at our first Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp in September in Dallas.

Darren Palmer literally stopped Judge and Matt in the middle of the event to offer his testimony of how Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp was changing his life in real time. We loved it!
DJ Got Vulnerable
Because this event was life-changing
Our friend, DJ, was willing to let us all in during his painful moment. He committed to “burn the ships” by finally dropping the old baggage from his high school teacher and living in the pain side of his business. DJ committed to putting everything he learned into place NOW. We appreciate you trusting us DJ.
Tangible takeaways you will enjoy from our Burn the ships business Bootcamp
  • How to look at your business-like chess vs. checkers. Great businesses require a new level of thinking.
  • Insight, through a simple test, of you as a leader. We determine your leadership DNA.
  • Where are you currently operating as a leader and how is it impacting your company.
  • ​Building out of your personal and business end game to maximize your current activities. We start with the end in mind.
  • ​What are your current and most critical opportunities and challenges that exist within your company and how to adjust and attack each of them.
  • ​Deep competitive analysis of your primary competitors. What do they do well/poorly and how your new strategy can dominate them.
  • ​How to become a leader in a niche vs. a casualty as a generalist.
  • ​Creation of your new market leader positioning and tag lines.
  • ​How to get and create market leader content.
  • ​Deep understanding of the 7 deadly habits that exist in all poorly run businesses and how to avoid them within your business.
  • ​Creation of new and powerful core values and company culture enhancements by which all decisions will now be made.
  • ​Deep dive into your company's worth. If you were to exit now or in the future, what could you sell it for and how will it be valued by a buyer?
  • ​Development of new recurring revenue products and services that maximize your profits and increase your exit valuation.
  • ​How to make your organization fully “customer centric.”
  • ​Development of your new organizational chart. We help you assign everything to key members of your staff and management team moving forward.
  • ​How to set goals properly and tie the goals back to people, metrics and specific timelines.
  • ​Key metrics software to provide a companywide dashboard to the most critical metrics of sales, efficiency, and revenue and profit growth.
  • ​Create and implement new daily rhythms within your organization that get everyone on the same page all the time.
  • ​Your individually built 12-month Burn the Ships Business Roadmap that provides you and your team laser focus on only activities that increase happiness, revenue and profits.
  • ​All meals are included as well as our Texas themed BBQ dinner and cigar networking event on Thursday evening.
  • ​And much more…
“This event is a 15 on a scale of 1-10”
“Best business conference I have ever been to”
“These are the guys that I am going to learn from to go to the next level”
“This event was life changing”
“The content is real and we can actually implement it”
What Industry Titans Are Saying
About Matt and Judge
Ed Mylett
Fortune top 50 Entrepreneur
"Americans lack of financial security is far too common. Matt forces you to deal with the truth of your current financial situation and provides the actionable roadmap you need."
Hank Norman
Co-owner, 2 Market Media
"Judge has a gift of understanding a company's potential value and knows how to package, position and motivate people to take massive action to WIN."
Grant Cardone
CEO, Cardone Capital
"Matt and his business concepts will wake you up and change the way that you think about business and money forever!"
Ben Lamm
Founder & CEO, Hyper Giant Industries
"Judge is an all-around BAD ASS and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing, sales and culture. He is a must to bring in if you are wanting to scale and sell your company."
Lewis Schiff
Founder, Business Owners Council
"Save yourself twenty-five years of hard knocks and do what Matt tells you to do in business."
Bill Wooditch
Founder & CEO, The Wooditch Group
"Judge is one of the few to give real how-to guidance and not just big ideas. His decision-making speed formula and revenue-driving model are game changers."
Brad Lea
Founder, LightSpeed VT
"Matt’s wake-up call and road map will help you get there if you actually implement his business strategies and take massive action."
Even Grant Cardone offered a 100% money back guarantee
Check this out…Grant Cardone jumped on one of Matt and Judges recent Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp Instagram live feeds. He supported Matt and Judge so much, that Uncle G went so far to offer his money back guarantee to our event. We won’t hold GC to it, but we will hold ourselves to our 100% money back guarantee! Judge and Matt are so confident that you will receive more value than your registration fee for the event, that they will refund your registration price in full at the end of day two if you don’t think you received value in excess of  your registration fee. BTW…no one has ever asked for a refund. Why? Because we deliver SO MUCH VALUE. You have nothing to lose, and maybe millions to gain.
Matt Manero
Matt launched his first company, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF), in 1995 with a phone, a folding table and the unyielding confidence of a single client, a trucker.

Fast forward 24 years and CFF, has funded over $1 billion in transportation equipment with annual business of $150,000,000+. CFF has served more than 10,000 clients and has become one of the largest independently owned transportation finance companies in America. CFF is a 4-time winner of Inc. Magazine’s Top 500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and a 3-time winner of The SMU Cox School of Business 100 Fastest Growing Companies.

His companies have been featured in media outlets such as MSNBC, Forbes, Dallas Business Journal, Fleet Owner and Overdrive Magazine just to name a few.

Matt has been a featured TEDx speaker and is the author of two books, “The Grit,” and his most recent, “You Need More Money,” published by Penguin/Random House. He has hosted the nationally syndicated weekly radio show called “The Grit” and currently hosts his weekly podcast cast called, “You Need More Money”.

Matt and his wife Rokki have been married for 20 years and have 3 wonderful boys, John 17, Jack 15 and Julian 13. They reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!

Learn more at
Core Values We Live & Die by
All day, every day.
We believe money is a GREAT thing.
We play chess, not checkers.
Success serves us all.
Judge Graham
Judge Graham is a hard-hitting, action-oriented entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing companies and selling them for hundreds of millions of dollars.

His companies have won numerous high-profile business accolades, including Inc. 5000 and multiple best places to work awards. He has also been featured in media outlets like AdWeek, Ad Age, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, Money and many more.

He currently hosts the top-rated Scale & Exit podcast and is an acclaimed author. Judge is the go-to expert on helping businesses identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve revenue and corner markets through integration of cutting-edge positioning, culture, technology, marketing and sales.

Judge lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife Jordan and their two boys Jake and Jett.

Learn more at
A Few Clips from Our Event
Real business, at times, requires tough talk. From time to time, during your Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp experience, Judge and Matt will drop some tough language. Maybe even a proverbial F Bomb or two. We all apologize in advance. But you have been warned. Love them for their passion and don’t take offense.
You Don't Have a Plan, Do You?
Start playing chess, not checkers
do you have the right team?
Everyone doesn't think like you
Results Don't Lie
  • You do not own a business or manage people
  • You are just interested in mindset fluff
  • ​You are not motivated
  • You are not coachable
  • ​Your annual revenue is under $1 million
  • ​You do not desire to reach G.O.A.T. status
  • ​You can't take constructive criticism
  • ​Most importantly, you must be aligned to our core values
What you'll Experience
If you want the roadmap to 8-9 figure revenue, and increase your profits, your freedom and ability to enjoy a liquidity event AND you are a fit…read on.

Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp is reserved for only 20 business owners and managers who enjoy revenue of $1 million or more. It lasts for 1 ½ days every month in Dallas, TX. Our bootcamp is personally taught by Judge and Matt, the Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp is the deep dive experience that most businesses owners never put themselves through. We start at 8 am on Thursday and end at noon on Friday.

Everything is first class and is provided for you. Our facility, swag, food, drinks, cigars and of course our content is unmatched. No guest speakers, no selling from the stage, just massive deep dives into every aspect of what is required to build the business you, your employees, your customers and your family should have.

Each graduating class is named based on military style nomenclature, such as “Alpha”, “Bravo”, “Charley”, etc. Each class is taught from our confidential and proprietary content workbook and forces you to do the work.
We Would Have Paid Much More!
Location & Details

(located just minutes from DFW Airport)
Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp will be held at the gorgeous Gaylord Texan Hotel and Resort in Grapevine, TX. We start at 8 am on Thursday, January 30th and end on January 31st Friday at 12pm. If flying in from out of town, you should plan to arrive on Wed night and depart on Friday afternoon.

Remember, we have chosen an awesome venue located only 5 miles from DFW Airport. This allows simple and cost-effective transportation to and from the event. There is no need to rent a car. Simply Uber or taxi to the Gaylord Texan. The entire event including our bootcamp room, dinner and cigar night are all at the Gaylord. Once you arrive, you will not need to leave.

If you have any questions or need more details about the event or location, please call Lauren Carkeet at 972-834-4269.
Frequently Asked Questions
Judge and Matt believe the ideal attendee is a GROWTH MINDED BUSINESS OWNER OR MANAGER. If you own a business or manage people, this bootcamp is for you. Most of our attendees have annual revenue between $1-10 million per year, with many enjoying revenue north of $10 million.
The venue is located at:
Gaylord Texan Hotel and Resort
1501 Gaylord Trail,
Grapevine, TX 76051
You will want to fly into DFW International airport. Our venue is a 10-minute UBER or taxi ride from the airport. An alternative airport is Dallas Love Field, but it is approximately 20-30 minutes from our venue.
We have a discounted rate at the Gaylord where the event is being held and recommend that you book a room at the Gaylord.

We start at 8 am sharp on day one and suggest that you arrive the night before. Book your departing flight on the afternoon of day two. Our bootcamp ends at noon on day two, so a 2 pm (or later) departure flight works fine. Our venue is a short 10-minute UBER or taxi to DFW airport.
We do not think a car is needed. The hotels are close to the venue and so it DFW airport. Uber is an easy option for you.
Parking is available at the Gaylord. However, we suggest you simply UBER to the venue.
You will see ample signage to direct you to our check in table. Our staff will be ready and waiting for you with your welcome packet and swag bag ready!
We will provide you with your personalized Burn the Ships Business Workbook, but also recommend that you bring your laptop as a lot of what we do is digital.
Yes, we will have WIFI available and provide breaks to check in with your office. However, during the event, we highly encourage you to be focused on the material and not be distracted.
Our Burn the Ships Business tribe are likeminded businesspeople. We encourage you to wear business casual, but in the end, wear whatever gets your ideas and focus flowing best.
You bet! Included in your registration is breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks on day one and breakfast on day two. Our food selections are excellent and offer many options for all kinds of diets. Breakfast will be served starting at 7:30 am each day.
Each bootcamp is only available to a limited group of likeminded businesspeople and we want you to commit to us. If extenuating circumstances occur, please contact us and we will attempt to apply your registration to a future event. No refunds are offered.
We have made it simple. If you do not believe that you received value in excess of your registration fee, Judge and Matt will refund your registration fee at the end of day two. FYI, we have never issued a refund, because our attendees are blown away by the value we provide, and they receive at our bootcamp.
We encourage you to promote yourself at our event on social media. Use #acbootcamp as the official hashtag. Point, click and post away!
Yes, our team will be recording the entire event to make memories for all of us to enjoy in the future.
Potential Business Tax Benefits

Business conferences are tax-deductible within the boundaries of IRS travel rules. In general, you can deduct "ordinary and necessary expenses" for attending business meetings and conferences when the expenses directly relate to your business, job, or profession, says the Internal Revenue Service.

*Note: We are not CPA’s and can not validate this, so please consult with your CPA.

Just Incase You Missed The Testimonials
“This event gives you tangible things to immediately implement in your business.”
“I learned how to position my company for an exit.”
“This event provides real value.”
“This was real content that you take home and have an actual strategy of what changes you need to make. Absolutely amazing event.”
“You can immediately deploy the content they gave us today to any business and start seeing results in a short amount of time.”
“This is one of the best bootcamps I have ever been to. Definitely, this is going to 10x our business.”
“If you want to go to the next level, then this event is a must.”
“There is no other event like this.”
“This event actually gives you a real plan to start using on Monday.”
“Best business conference I have ever been to.”
“Way more value than I expected. I will attend the next one.”
“These are the guys that I am going to learn from to go to the next level.”
“You get real one on one training.”
“What these guys are doing is amazing.”
“I have never been to an event as good as this.”
“There's nothing out there like this right now. They gave us real life content and not just theoretical content that sounds good and might work.”
“This event was life changing.”
“The content is real and we can actually implement it.”
“This is my second time and it continues to change my business.”
“Judge and Matt brought it.”
“This covered everything I have been trying to figure out and more.”
Additional Bonuses

Free Bonus #1:


According to, 93% of profitable business owners say that proper mentorship has been the key to their business. However, 63% of business owners say they don’t have a mentor. WTF? Why? Because great mentors are hard to find. So what most entrepreneurs do is go at it alone. They start their journey with little, if any, roadmap or council. We change this fact. Each week, Judge and Matt become your LIVE mentor. We start the week with a specific business topic video that we know is important. This video becomes the start of our weekly LIVE mentoring call. We will show you the who, what, why, when and how of this topic and then during the LIVE call, move to Q&A. You can ask us anything. Whatever is impacting your business either positively or negatively, we can and will answer for you, LIVE, each week. We become the real, live mentors you have been looking for, but haven’t found.
VALUE: $40,000/DAY

Free Bonus #2:


When you know who you are as a business leader, your results will improve. How do you know? You test yourself. With your enrollment, you will receive your personal business DNA test and results. The results will provide you insight that you have never known about yourself.
VALUE: $2,000

Free Bonus #3:


Recurring revenue is the key to maximizing cash flow and your company value. We provide you our proprietary software the helps you build out and calculate the impact of monthly recurring revenue on your organization.
VALUE: $3,000

Free Bonus #4:


As you learn the “language of business”, you will understand that what you track matters. Included in your enrollment, is our unique business health tracker software that gives you the framework to build out every metric that matters and should be tracked.
VALUE: $5,000

Free Bonus #5:


Our private facebook page gives you access to our network of members who are going through the program and often offer up opinions and advice to all of us.
It’s only $3,999. 
Here is why it makes sense.
Judge and Matt believe that every piece of content within our Burn the Ships Business Bootcamp justifies your investment of $3,999. We believe that the cost of the event is ridiculously low (so do our past attendees) and to be totally honest, we expect to increase the price substantially in the near future. Take advantage of this incredible value. 

Your investment of $3,999 is not just about you. 
What we teach will impact everyone your business impacts. 

Your relationship with employees will improve. Your customer relationships will grow deeper. Your company culture will be fixed. Perhaps most importantly, you will finally have the roadmap to enjoy the freedom you and your family deserve. We think that benefit is downright priceless. Here are three final reasons to help you pull the trigger and register. 

1. It is a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after the event we will cut you a check for a full refund that day. 
2. Check with your CPA regarding the ability to write off the expense our bootcamp as a training expense. 

3. Take a quick watch of the ROI VALUE VIDEO Judge and Matt have recorded to help you justify your investment.
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